BLM Vows To Shut Down Black Friday Shopping To Fight Racism

Leftist Social Justice Warriors™ aren’t really known for their nuance.

So when an event like “Black Friday” rolls around, you know they’re going to pounce.

After all, Black Lives Matter and Black Friday? See? What better day to come out and show your strength with a massive protest.

Of course, it didn’t work out too well last year – or the year before, but that’s ok. It’s just gotta work this time, right?

So there they’ll be. In Seattle and out in force. Dozens – maybe hundreds of Black Lives Matter militants screaming and shoving “white” shoppers who want to shop at “white stores.”

They’ll yell at them about racism and white supremacy. Rather than try to bring people to their side with well-crafted speeches and appeals to a greater good, like the Civil Rights marches 50 years ago, they’ll bludgeon white shoppers over the head, demanding they submit to their will.

The stores they’re shopping at are racist. The people are racist. Everything is racist and rather than address real issues, they want to (in their words) shut that sh*t down.

They’ve got an event on Facebook with more than 10,000 interested in the Seattle event at Westlake Park Friday at noon. But about one tenth of them actually said they were going, and you can expect about one tenth of them to actually attend.

They’re encouraging a form of racism – don’t shop at white-owned businesses. They’re the enemy. Rather, find a black-owned store. Fighting racism with racism, right?

The group behind this year’s protest is the “Black Liberation Front.”

Their rambling manifesto on the Facebook page tells it all:

Racism,Stops With Me –
Black Liberation starts with you
Do Black Lives and your life matter more then Black Friday Deals? If it does… Then Join us and Hit the streets
It is 2017,racism is still alive and well and that’s unacceptable -white nationalist and white supremacist and racists are marching through streets and police are still acting on their racist intent and murdering people of color and getting away with it and it’s unacceptable and businesses profit off of slavery from 200 years ago and still don’t give reparations .
We need to show that racism, stops with me (You) and that racism will be defeated forever and that racism is not acceptable in this country or world and also,Black Liberation Starts with you because until All Black People are free- Then no ones is free
Black Liberation starts with you and we need everyone in the country and the world in the streets demanding black liberation but also saying that
Racism,It Stops with me
Black,Liberation starts with You

“Black Liberation” must include an abandonment of rules of grammar and punctuation.

The group – whose name traces back to a terrorist organization in the 1970s – calls itself an “assertive” group aimed at fighting racism.

There is one thing they understand: Capitalism. They’re encouraging people to buy black things at a black-owned shop called “WeBuyBlack.”

This is the third year in a row this stunt has been tried. We’re not sure how their attempt to damage the economy, rendering many “people of color” out of a job will help prove that “Black Lives Matter,” but given their track record, we’re never sure what they’re up to. Except chaos and hatred.

H/T: The Daily Caller