BLM Polls Members on Trump; Backfires Spectacularly

A Black Lives Matter-affiliated Twitter account that calls itself “an original chapter of the  movement” created a poll to try and humiliate President Donald Trump.

But they didn’t expect the results, which showed overwhelming support for the president.

The group was apparently angered over an unidentified Twitter poll that demonstrated Trump’s popularity.

“Since @realDonaldTrump bragged about the results of a twitter poll, let’s try this again,” the BLM group tweeted.

“Do you approve or disapprove of President Trump’s job performance?” they asked. “Do vote and retweet.”

The options on the poll included “approve,” “disapprove,” and “who’s donald trump?”

Their attempt to suggest that the president has little support backfired immediately.

The final result showed that 67 percent of poll respondents said they approve of Trump’s job performance, while a measly 28 percent disapproved. 5 percent opted out by choosing “who’d donald trump?”

But the poll was deleted from the Black Lives Matter Twitter account. They didn’t even keep it posted for as long as the poll was meant to last.

Western Journalism reports:

When a Black Lives Matter-affiliated Twitter account wanted to find out how many Twitter users disliked President Donald Trump, they learned something they did not want to know — that on Twitter, Trump’s popularity remains strong […]

The survey was kicked off in response to Trump praising an unspecified Twitter poll that showed him doing well.

As reported by BizPac Review, the survey was originally intended to run for five days.

However, with Trump scoring an overwhelming level of support, the survey ended before the five-day mark, and the tweet was removed without further comment from the group.

Yet the poll enjoyed plenty of popularity on social media, though BLM wished it would just go away when they deleted it.

The BLM tweet didn’t specify which Twitter poll Trump “bragged” about.

It could be the one by “Progress Polls” that Trump re-tweeted, with Trump beating Obama as a “better president.”

The UK Daily Mail reported:

The online Twitter poll was conducted on Twitter by Progress Polls, a firm with only a flimsy online footprint that uses a method that professional pollsters would consider unscientific.

‘Who is a better President of the United States? #ObamaDay’ according to the polling question that got asked.

The result was Trump by a wide margin, trouncing Obama in the online poll by a 61 to 39 per cent.

The Daily Mail called the Progress Poll “unscientific.” No doubt Democrats will have a similar excuse for the latest BLM Twitter poll.

Self-respecting leftists prefer more “scientific” and accurate polls, such as those that projected Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election by a landslide.