‘Black Lives Matter’ Nitwit Punches Cop, Whines All The Way To Jail

A Florida police officer was brutally attacked during a traffic stop as his assailant yelled “Black Lives Matter!” during the assault.

The deputy in Naples, Florida, was punched in the face during the routine stop. The man, Anthony Denson Jr., was pulled over after he was caught driving without his seat belt.

When the deputy asked Denson for his driver license, proof of insurance and registration, Denson yelled an obscenity at the officer and said he did not have any of the documentation. The deputy then asked Denson to double-check in his glove compartment, but he refused, saying it wasn’t his car. Then Denson said, “No, you’re going to shoot me!” to the officer, the Naples Daily News reports.

The officer then asked Denson to get out of his car, which Denson refused and began to give his name. He refused to provide his full name and date of birth so Denson ordered him out of the car.

While he was trying to handcuff Denson, the suspect was shaking his body and growling while grinding his teeth.

The officer threatened to use a taser on Denson if he didn’t calm down, which was when Denson punched the deputy in the face.

A physical struggle ensued, with Denson claiming the officer was “breaking his wrist” with his handcuffs.

He was eventually taken to the Naples jail by another deputy who reported that Denson repeatedly threatened to retaliate against the arresting officer and yelling “Black Lives Matter.”

He was charged with obstructing an officer, battery on an officer, threatening a public official and driving with a suspended license.

Denson remains in jail with no bail set.

The rallying cry of “Black Lives Matter” is now a caricature of itself, being used by every two-bit thug and bully who is caught by the police. I expect Mr. Dennison will file a formal grievance, claiming his civil rights were violated and the Social Justice Warriors will plan a march or demonstration or riot in his honor.