ALERT: Newest Deadly Teen Trend Sweeping the Internet: ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

There’s a sinister new online “game” that kids are playing and it’s killing them.

It’s called the “Blue Whale Challenge,” and it’s a mobile app that connects a user with an anonymous “curator” who walks them through a series of 50 “challenges” over 50 days.

Clearly designed to target troubled teens, the “challenges” range from writing “#I’m a whale” on Twitter, to cutting ones’ self, to waking up at 4:20 a.m. and watching a “scary video.”

The game is not organized, per se, by any group, and merely exists because teens and their “curators” keep it going. So the challenges vary from person to person.

Some overriding themes though: Self-harm, watching videos, references to “4:20,” which is an argot for marijuana use, and ultimately killing oneself.

There are many young people posting their request to play the game and looking for a “curator.”

Psychologists across the country have said the game preys on a teen’s desire to feel included or accepted by their peers.

The game has been removed from Google Play and the Apple App Store, but some teens have taken to Twitter and Instagram to participate using the hashtags #BlueWhaleChallenge and #BlueWhaleCurator.

The game is being rumored to be behind several deaths across the globe. 15-year-old Isaiah Golzalez was a San Antonio high school sophomore. But on Sunday, his family found him hanging from his closet in an apparent suicide. Next to his body – propped up on a shoe – was his cellphone, broadcasting his own death.

He was playing the “Blue Whale Challenge.”

Isaiah’s story is not unique. On Monday, a 16-year-old girl in Atlanta committed suicide participating in the challenge.

It is unknown how widespread this phenomenon is, but if it is intended to cause panic among parents, adults and law enforcement, it is.

In Alabama, one school district is warning parents of the danger:

So keep tabs on what your kids are doing when they’re online. And if you see anything referencing a “Blue Whale,” take action immediately.