Bongino: Trump’s ‘Been Subjected To Most Disgusting … Political Witch Hunt’ in History

This morning, on Fox and Friends, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, said that President Trump has been subjected to the “most dishonest, disgusting and disturbing political witch hunt in American history.”

Partial Transcript:

Dan Bongino is here, former Secret Service agent, so, Dan, what a week. You talk about even a weekend, I would say, Friday the taxes and in between Friday the Flynn deal. How much trouble is the president in?

Dan: You know, he’s in a lot of trouble, but he’s in a lot of trouble for not so obvious reasons. I don’t think the president did anything wrong, but he’s been subjected to the most dishonest, disgusting and disturbing political witch hunt in American history. Think about how this entire thing’s been set up. Byron York has a killer piece in the Washington examiner today about the Logan act. This started with the Logan act.

Brian: Never before prosecuted, the federal equivalent of Jay walking. It’s against the law because no one’s ever been prosecuted for that. But Logan act, never before, and that started this entire thing. This is a witch hunt, nothing more.

Steve: The big headline for a lot of people is, you know, we’d heard that Robert Mueller had a bunch of Democrats, lawyer, investigators on his team, now as it turns out one of the top investigators at the FBI who was involved in the Hillary Clinton e-mail server and Russian collusion case is a Trump hater, he was exchanging texts with his girlfriend who worked at the FBI. And if you read some the reporting, I think it was James Rosen who wrote the piece at Fox News, there are sources in the FBI who were deeply troubled by this who said, hey, there’s documentary evidence that this guy’s been involved in everything. If this entire thing was due to a guy at the management level of the FBI who somehow got ahold of this dossier and used it as a pretext to — what are we, in a third world republic right now? That’s deep state right there. It looks like it’s real.

Rachel: You know, really I’m not trying — I don’t mean to make light of this, but the hysterics around this case are incredible. Russian collusion to win and alter an American election was the entire premise of the democratic — witch hunt. Now all they have is this was this allege collusion after they won — how do you collude to win an election after you won the election?

Brian: Right. And the Obama Administration, they saw no problem, didn’t put any sanctions on until after the election on Russia, then say it’s the equivalent of a 9/11. Really? That equivalent that you knew about in September, did nothing for four months?

What do you think about this?

Has President Trump been subjected to the most dishonest, disgusting and disturbing political witch hunt in American history as Dan Bongino suggests?

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