BOOM: Kid Rock Has the Perfect Response to Haters and Bigots

In the wake of Charlottesville, talking heads from all corners blasted President Donald Trump for not specifically naming neo-Nazis the Ku Klux in his denunciation of hatred and violence. Morally it was nonsense; deep down, not even liberals believe that Trump has a single racist bone in his body. Tactically, however, it was probably unwise for the president to overlook a ready-made excuse for the Left’s fake outrage.

Well, it looks like Kid Rock was watching that whole ordeal and took down notes on not making the same mistake.

TMZ reports that the musician (real name Robert James Ritchie), who is widely believed to be planning a campaign to be the next Republican senator from Michigan, delivered an impossible-to-misconstrue message during a Grand Rapids show on Wednesday night: “Nazis and bigots … stay the f**k away!”

Standing behind a presidential podium, he barked, “Call me a racist ’cause I’m not PC, and think you have to remind me that Black Lives Matter!”

He also went off about welfare mothers, deadbeat dads and yes … nazis and the KKK. He also managed to rhyme most of the speech.

BTW, candidate Kid’s podium read, “United States of ‘Merica” and he was flanked by hot chicks wearing only men’s button downs.

Because anything is possible in a world where that guy from “The Apprentice” can defeat a First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State to become commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces, Kid Rock has actually displayed a narrow lead in polls that pit him in a hypothetical general election against the state’s incumbent Democrat senator, Debbie Stabenow. It’s definitely another sign that Democrats should stay scared that even on their home turf, voters are beginning to see that left-wing promises don’t translate to results.

However, let’s keep in mind that this all remains hypothetical. The artist’s “Kid Rock for Senate” website has no platform or issue statement, at most saying that he was just exploring the possibility of mounting a run. At the beginning of September, he updated fans by simply reiterating that “I have still not officially announced my candidacy” (oh, and swearing at the “misinformed press and the fake news” for good measure…which is more than Mitch McConnell has done for the country lately).

It’s also worth noting that another rock-and-roll legend, outspoken conservative Ted Nugent, is backing Republican candidate Lena Epstein for the same seat, throwing some cold water on the dream of Senator Rock in the process:

“Some people had their hopes up about Kid Rock running,” the letter continued, according to The Daily Caller. “Well, I think that is highly unlikely. Ted Nugent put it more succinctly ‘Kid Rock ain’t running for squat.’ So I invited Kid Rock to campaign with us across the state.”

Finally, it bears emphasizing that as satisfying and unequivocal as Kid Rock’s rejection of bigotry was, we shouldn’t expect it to prevent left-wing smears completely. Does anybody seriously doubt that if Donald Trump had spent the past year opening and closing every single speech with “f*** the Klan,” 95% of the “racist Trump” smears would still be happening, every bit as loud and hysterical?

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Hat tip: Twitchy