BREAKING: Active Shooter On The LOOSE- Mall Surrounded, FEDS Deployed… Here’s What We Know


A major manhunt is currently underway in San Antonio, Texas, where local and federal authorities are looking for a suspect who allegedly shot a mail carrier over the weekend, as well as opened fire on law enforcement.

Today’s efforts involved a temporary lockdown of North Star Mall. San Antonio Express-News has the details:

An associate with JCPenny said certain entrances to the store were placed on lockdown because there was a possible active shooter situation at the mall.

Despite that possibility, mall-goers continued shopping and were free to roam about the premises at around 4 p.m.

An employee at a store inside the mall, who declined to be identified, told at about 3:30 p.m. that many of the stores in the area around JCPenny had closed their doors in response to the active search, including the Apple store.

Calls and emails to North Star Mall managers and General Growth Properties Inc., the real estate investment trust that owns North Star Mall, were not immediately returned.

An assistant manager at the Spencer’s in North Star, who declined to give her name, said mall security officers told them the mall’s Northwest parking garage had been locked down but that stores could stay open.

Several schools in the area were placed on lockdown as well. Today’s events started when police attempted to arrest a man at a restaurant parking lot, but he opened fire and fled. Nobody was hurt.

The man is also believed to be the shooter of a mail carrier on Saturday. He shot her in the leg and stole her vehicle, but it was recovered.

Thankfully, nobody has been killed yet, but every day this man is free brings the possibility that could change. TFPP will be sure to keep you appraised of the situation as it unfolds.