BREAKING: Another Big Shakeup at Fox News

Bill O’Reilly. Greta Van Susteren. Megyn Kelly. Roger Ailes. Fox News has lost and/or or pushed out a lot of people once thought synonymous with the channel over the past year, and today we’ve got one more to add to the list.

Axios reports that Carl Cameron, Fox’s chief political correspondent, a 20-year veteran of the cable news giant, and a staple of Fox’s election coverage, is retiring.

An exact reason for his retirement has not been specified, but a statement from Fox’s President of News Jay Wallace said “we understand his desire to retire and embark on a new chapter after a storied and stellar career.”

Here are a few more details from Axios:

In a note to colleagues, Cameron recalls some of his favorite memories covering everything from the Bill Clinton impeachment trial to Hurricane Katrina. He held several positions with the network during his 22-year tenure, including Congressional correspondent, Chief White House correspondent and Chief Political Correspondent […]

Cameron has spent the majority of his Fox News career alongside his wife Moira, an audio and visual technician that has for years accompanied him on the campaign trail and at events.

Fox News Insider has a roundup of touching farewells from “Campaign Carl’s” friends and colleagues:

From Bret Baier:

To my friend and colleague of 20+ years– Carl, you will be missed by all of us here at FOX News. Your tireless work on the trail helped us become the FOX News we are today. It is hard to imagine a future campaign without ‘Campaign’ Carl. You are one of a kind– good luck to you.

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