BREAKING: Anti-Trumpers Put “Refugee” Banner on Statue of Liberty [PICTURE]


A left-wing stunt in New York demonstrated today that liberals’ disregard for the law is matched only by their disregard for the facts in any given argument, with the unfurling of an unauthorized banner reading “REFUGEES WELCOME” on the Statue of Liberty.

WABC in New York reports:

The banner, approximately 20 feet by 3 feet, was spotted on the pedestal just before 1 p.m., affixed by nylon rope to the wall of the public observation deck at the base of the statue.

Rangers, alerted to its presence, immediately made their way to the location and conducted an assessment of the banner and how it was attached to the monument.

It was determined that the banner could be removed without damaging the pedestal, and Rangers began the process of removing it.

The exact culprits are unknown, but US Park Police have launched an investigation to identify them. WABC notes that it’s “strictly prohibited” to attach any banner to the Statue of Liberty.

While this act of civil disobedience is relatively harmless compared to the various violent riots following President Donald Trump’s election, the dishonesty of the stunt’s premise is still wildly offensive.

Contrary to the constant drumbeat of lies about Trump’s temporary suspension of refugee admissions from seven Middle East countries, virtually nobody has called for America to stop helping those in need. The sole purpose of the four-month pause — after which America will resume taking in an annual number of refugees on par with the average for the previous 15 years of both Democrat and Republican administrations.

How is that in any way a statement that refugees are unwelcome? How does it signal that refugees don’t deserve help or that America has no intention of helping them?

It’s not, and they know it. Heck, Chuck Schumer himself was open to the idea back in 2015, with nary a peep from today’s protesters.

It’s all partisan, slanderous demagoguery, pure and simple.