BREAKING: Axe Attack At Train Station…


An alarming story comes out of Germany today, as authorities have shut down Duesseldorf’s main train station in the wake of a man attacking and injuring at least five people…with an axe.

The New York Post reports that witnesses saw at least one man, although police confirmed to NBC News that they have two suspects in custody and are looking for more. It is unclear whether that means they believe multiple people were involved or whether they are seeking multiple people who fit the description of one suspect.

We also do not yet know exactly how many people were injured or how severely, although thankfully no deaths have yet been reported.

The Post has more:

A reporter for German newspaper Der Speigel at the station said he had seen two injured people, but that the situation was returning to calm.

Images shared on social media from the scene showed that the station had been cordoned off by police, and helicopters hovered overhead, the BBC reported.

Emergency vehicles raced through Konrad Adenauer square outside the station entrance.

TFPP will continue to watch this story closely for future developments.

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