BREAKING: Ben Carson Confirmed As HUD Secretary

Ben Carson Statement

Back in December, then President-elect made known his intentions of nominating famed neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and he did. What then followed was an onslaught of truly ridiculous slander against Carson, as he is a conservative (and a Trump nominee).

After nearly three months, the Senate finally took up the vote and Dr. Carson has been confirmed as HUD Secretary.

According to NBC News, the Senate voted along party lines, with the final tally being 58-41.

President Donald Trump’s choice to tap Carson, who does not have experience in issues related to housing, to head the department was met with skepticism from Democrats. But Carson’s promises to work with members on both sides of the aisle to address the nation’s top housing issues were enough to win Democratic support.

Carson promised to surround himself with experts and go on a “listening tour” to hear from HUD employees around the country.

The issue of Carson’s experience is one that Democrats used as a major talking point against confirming him. Carson does not have government experience, and certainly not work experience in the housing and development industry (as far as we know), but one thing that no one can doubt is that Carson is a brilliant man and that he can learn how to do the job.

I’ll admit it, I was skeptical of Carson leading HUD. I think he would have been better suited for Surgeon General or even HHS Secretary. However, here we are, with Ben Carson as the new HUD Secretary.

One thing that Carson does have in his favor, and for those living in residences receiving aid from HUD, is that he knows what it is like to live in poverty, as he grew up in a poor home in Detroit.

His perspective on poverty solution is one that bucks the trend of many government officials as well. Rather than increasing government aid programs that take copious amounts of money from taxpayers, he believes that the best thing to do for those on welfare is to get them off of it.

With that kind of mentality at the head of the agency, perhaps there is some hope for good reform.