Capitol Police Find Laptop, Letter, ID Cards Of Indicted Democratic IT Staffer

The laptop that Debbie Wasserman Schultz desperately tried to keep hidden from prosecutors was actually planted for police to find by her former staffer – a man who has been indicted on bank fraud.

Included with the planted laptop was a letter to the United States Attorney.

U.S. Capitol police found the laptop just after midnight while searching a tiny room in the Rayburn House Office building, the Daily Caller is reporting.

Next to the laptop was a Pakistani ID Card and other identification belonging to Imran Awan, the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman’s IT expert, who since tried to flee the country to avoid the felony charges.

Along with the laptop and ID was a letter addressed to the U.S. attorney and a notebook marked “attorney-client privilege.”

It appeared that Awan is leaving a confession – of sorts – for investigators.

When investigators turned the laptop on, they noticed it had the username RepDWS – despite the fact that Wasserman Schultz – also a U.S. Representative from Florida – claimed she had never seen nor used the laptop.

Awan was banned from the Congressional computer network back in February after he became a suspect in a cybersecurity investigation. Amazingly, however, Wasserman Schultz still granted him access to House facilities because she still employed him.

The laptop was found on the second floor of the Rayburn building — a place Awan would have had no reason to go because Wasserman Schultz’s office is in the Longworth building and the other members who employed him had fired him.

In a televised Congressional hearing in May, Wasserman Schultz told Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa there would be “consequences” if he did not return the laptop.

Verderosa told her the laptop couldn’t be returned because it was tied to a criminal suspect. Wasserman Schultz reiterated that, while Awan was a suspect, the computer should be returned because it is “a member’s … if the member is not under investigation.”

Authorities in the House began suspecting the Awan family and began investigating them during their search for a secret computer server that was sending congressional data off-site.

Capitol police then ordered Imran to stay away from House servers during the investigation. Despite all this, Wasserman Schultz decided to keep Imran on staff in an “advisory position.”

A federal employee with knowledge of the situation and who requested anonymity told The Daily Caller that as House authorities closed in on Imran Awan and his brothers, a laptop used by Imran was hidden in an unused crevice of the Rayburn House Office Building. Wasserman Schultz’s office is in Longworth House Office Building, a separate structure.

Politico described Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, as having a “friendly personal relationship” with both Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York.

That baffled a Democratic IT staffer, who said “I can’t imagine why she’d be that good of friends with a technology provider.”

“Usually if someone does bad stuff, an office is going to distance themselves” rather than incur political fallout for a mere staffer, he added.