What a mess.

In the wake of recent jihadist attacks in Great Britain, exit polls are coming out for the country’s parliamentary elections, and it appears the atrocities of recent weeks have not persuaded enough of the people to reverse course.

The Daily Wire reports that Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative party is expected to win 314 out of 650 seats — short of the clear majority it needs to govern:

If the polls are accurate, Labour comes out of the contentious election with 266 seats, far more than expected just a couple weeks ago. The SNP, the UK”s Scottish nationalist party, led by seccesionist Nicola Sturgeon, has come out in third with 34 seats. Under far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the possibility of the SNP joining Labour to form a governing coalition against the Tories is a realistic one. But the SNP’s 34 seats alone wouldn’t be enough to secure a majority. However, if Labour, SNP, and the Liberal Democrats join to form a triple-party Labour led coalition, they’d have the same number of seats as the Conservative party. UKIP is a wild-card party and largely irrelevant.

So where does that leave the situation? Nobody knows for sure. Theresa May may lose her parliamentary majority. On the other hand, if the Conservatives join with Northern Irish parties, they may be able to retain control of government. But either way, May loses her electoral mandate.

As TFPP has covered, May takes the threat of Islamic terrorism very seriously. Corbyn does not, to the point where he has adopted the leftist line that terrorism is blowback for Western military activity in the Middle East.

Assuming the exit polls are accurate, the main takeaway here is that Britain will not get serious about rooting Islamic radicalism out of their borders and keeping it from entering. So we can expect more people to die in the name of leftist appeasement.