BREAKING: “Clock Boy” Discrimination Lawsuit Against School District Dismissed

Remember the infamous “Clock Boy” case, where a Muslim student in Texas created what was supposed to be a clock, but actually looked like a bomb? Well, after the school district had him arrested, suspecting it was a bomb, the family of Ahmed Ahmed sued the school district for discrimination.

However, the lawsuit has been dismissed, and Clock Boy’s revenge quest will be left unfulfilled (at least for now).

This was the “clock” that Ahmed made back in 2015.

When college students at George Mason University were shown the device, they overwhelmingly thought it was a bomb. Is it any surprise that the school district thought the same?

Of course, the family said it was because he was Muslim and that they were discriminating against him. They took the Irving, Texas school district to court, but the case is officially dead, the New York Post is reporting.

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed sued the city of Irving, the Irving Independent School District and the principal of MacArthur High School on behalf of his son Ahmed Mohamed, whose arrest and three-day suspension for taking a clock — mistaken by a teacher as a bomb — to school on Sept. 14, 2015, attracted national headlines.

Charges were later dropped, but Mohamed filed a lawsuit claiming his son’s civil rights were violated by discrimination on the basis of his race and religion. The suit, which sought unspecified damages and attorney fees, also claimed city officials violated the then 14-year-old boy’s rights under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments during his interrogation and arrest.

In a 37 page opinion, US District Judge Sam A. Lindsay said he disagreed with their claim that the district violated the student’s rights.

“First, other than wholesale conclusory and speculative statements, Plaintiff does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer that any IISD employee intentionally discriminated against A.M. based on his race or religion,” Lindsay wrote.

Though this case is dismissed, he has the chance to file an amended claim by June 1; so don’t be surprised if we see more from him on this issue. (Hopefully not from any more terrorist groups expressing their support for him).