BREAKING: Comey Says “No Evidence” on Trump’s Wiretapping Claims

At the beginning of this month, President Trump took to his favorite social media platform and tweeted allegations that his phones were tapped by former president Barack Obama.

During testimony given to the House Intelligence Committee, FBI Director James Comey was questioned about the President’s tweets of March 4th.

Director James Comey stated there was no evidence to back President Trump’s claim. According to The Daily Caller:

James Comey said he has no evidence to support Donald Trump’s claim that Barack Obama ordered a wiretap against Trump Tower before the presidential election.

The FBI director said he has no information that would back up the president’s tweets as he testified alongside National Security Agency head Michael Rogers before the House Intelligence Committee Monday.

“With respect to the president’s tweets, I have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the FBI,” Comey said. “The Department [of Justice] has no information that supports those tweets either.”

Rep. Adam Schiff asked Comey if he thought the former president was involved, or if Obama could “unilaterally” authorize a wiretap against a U.S. citizen.

“All I can tell you is we have no information that supports them,” Comey said. “No individual can direct the surveillance of anyone. It has to go through a judge.”

National Security Agency head Michael Rogers added that the idea that the U.S. asked British surveillance to spy on Trump Tower was “utterly ridiculous.”

Ultimately, all this suggests is that Director James Comey knows nothing about the wire taps and the former president probably did not legally wire tap Trump Tower.

Did this happen without Director Comey’s knowledge?

Did former president Barack Obama resurrect Watergate?

It will be interesting to see how the Trump administration responds.

Maybe we simply need to start unfollowing a certain person on Twitter.