BREAKING: Eric Bolling Fires Back With Defamation Suit Over Sexting Allegation

Eric Bolling has been the latest Fox News pundit to be hit with salacious allegations of misconduct — specifically that he sent unwanted sexual text messages and images to female coworkers — but he’s not going down without a fight.

The Washington Examiner reports that Bolling has filed a defamation lawsuit against Huffington Post reporter Yashar Ali, who reported on the charges. As TFPP previously covered, Fox News apparently took the allegations seriously enough to temporarily suspend him.

From the Examiner:

“Just received a summons. Eric Bolling is suing me for defamation – $50 million in damages. I stand by my reporting + will protect my sources,” Ali tweeted.

Bolling is seeking $50 million from Ali for a myriad of damages including, “reputable, monetary, special, and punitive.” Bolling is also seeking relief for “costs and fees,” according to a copy of the summons tweeted by CNN reporter Tom Kludt.

Bolling’s attorney Michael Bowe did the embattled host no favors with an initial statement that his client “recalls no such inappropriate communications [and] does not believe he sent any such communications” (emphasis added) — hardly unequivocal denials of behavior that should be pretty easy to remember.

However, this latest move, combined with the following defiant tweet, project much more confidence:

The truth of all this of course remains to be seen. Who do you think is telling the truth here?