BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Offered PLEA DEAL by DOJ

Hillary Clinton may be offered a plea bargain if she will plead guilty for mishandling of classified material on her private email server while Secretary of State.

There are reports that the Justice Department has reopened the case that plagued Clinton’s presidential campaign, namely that she mishandled and disseminated classified material that was housed on her homebrew server while she was Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

To close the investigation, the reports indicate she may be offered a plea bargain in return for pleading guilty.

Despite assurances from former FBI Director James Comey that Clinton would not be prosecuted, NewsMax’s Ed Klein is reporting that Clinton’s attorney was told Donald Trump’s Justice Department has re-opened and is re-examining the case and believes there are “ample grounds for prosecuting Hillary on a number of counts.”

As part of the plea deal, the DOJ would stop their investigation of the alleged “pay-to-play” between foreign governments and their donations to the Clinton Foundation or international business tycoons who gave Bill Clinton inflated speaking fees. Clinton would plead guilty and would likely avoid any jail time.

Last year, we reported on emails between Clinton Foundation officials dealing with big donors that contained subject lines like “A favor …”

In one email, a Clinton Foundation official sent a message to Hillary’s confidantes Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills again asking for help getting Clinton Foundation mega-donor Gilbert Chagoury in contact with the State Department’s point man on substance abuse. “This is very important,” Band implored. Abedin dutifully promised to follow orders.

Chagoury is the Nigerian-Lebanese businessman and Bill Clinton friend who was profiled in Clinton Cash. He is also a convicted felon.

Does this plea deal sound like it would put the scandal to rest? Or does Hillary Clinton need harsher consequences? Let us know in the comments.