BREAKING: Iconic Actor Accused of Exposing Himself to a Minor

Another woman has come forward to accuse Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct.

Playwright Cori Thomas was a classmate of Hoffman’s daughter in 1980. Thomas says that when she met the actor in New York after dinner with his daughter, Hoffman invited her up to his hotel room to wait for her mother. Later, he came out of his bathroom wearing only a towel which, she says, he purposefully dropped to expose himself to her.

At the time, Thomas was only 16 years-old.

Breitbart reports:

Playwright Cori Thomas described the 1980 incident in a story published Thursday by the trade outlet Variety. She confirmed the story in an email to The Associated Press.

Thomas was a classmate of Hoffman’s daughter when she says she met the actor, who invited her to his hotel room to wait for her mother after a dinner with the teenagers. Thomas says after Hoffman’s daughter left, the actor took a shower and came out wearing only a towel, which she told Variety he dropped, exposing himself to her. Hoffman then put on a robe and asked Thomas to massage his feet, Thomas said, and repeatedly asked her if she wanted to see him naked again.

This isn’t the first woman to speak out about Hoffman’s abusive character. Melissa Kester says Hoffman groped her  in a studio when she was seventeen, while music was being recorded for the movie “Ishtar.”
Hoffman has not yet commented about the latest accusation, but he received a great amount of backlash, notably from John Oliver during a panel discussion, for his previous comment over Kester’s account.
Hoffman said in the statement that the incident “is not reflective of who I am.”
That ambiguous response led to the late night host’s crackdown on Hoffman’s divisiveness.
“It is reflective of who you were,” Oliver said.
Breitbart continues:

The Variety report included the account of another woman, Melissa Kester, who said the actor pushed his hand down her pants while they were in a recording studio. The incident occurred while Hoffman was recording music for the film “Ishtar,” and happened behind a partition while others, including Kester’s boyfriend, were nearby.

[…] In a lengthy statement emailed to the AP, Thomas wrote of Hunter’s allegations, “I recognized Ms. Hunter’s story as the truth immediately because of the similarities to what happened to me.”

She said attacks on Hunter’s credibility led her to speak to Variety about her experience with Hoffman.

“In response to why I’ve stayed quiet for so many years, I have not stayed quiet for so many years, friends and family have been aware of this story for many many years, I just didn’t go to newspapers with the story is all,” she wrote. “And I regret that. I realize now, that the reason this continued to happen to others, was because of my silence, and I feel guilty about that but I hadn’t even processed how badly this shamed and hurt me.”

When Hoffman finally does decide to remark on the accusations, his response will need to be more pointed than a vague reference about who he is.

If he didn’t do it, he should say so directly. If he did, he should face the fact that his actions are “reflective” of who he is.

Staying silent will help him no more than it helps the women who spoke out against him.

Hollywood’s superstars are falling one by one to reports of sexual misconduct.