BREAKING: Judge Issues Ruling in Case Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just got a bit of good news today, thanks to one of the very institutions she would have the most to fear from if we lived under a functioning justice system.

The Washington Examiner reports that US District Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has dismissed a lawsuit by Judicial Watch and Cause of Action attempting to compel the State Department and the US archivist to work to unearth emails the former Secretary of State sent and received through an unlawful private server.

The lawsuit had been based on language in the Federal Records Act mandating the recovery of “unlawfully removed” documents, but Boasberg ruled that previous efforts to find Clinton emails already satisfied the requirements of the law.

“The fact that this case was dismissed does not absolve Secretary Clinton or show that all of her unlawfully removed email records have been recovered,” Cause of Action President John Vecchione said in a press release. “In fact, the Court’s decision shows that Secretary Clinton violated the Federal Records Act and that a subset of her work-related emails remains missing. Unfortunately, the Court concluded that efforts by the FBI in its investigation of Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material, which resulted in the recovery of numerous emails that Clinton had not previously turned over, left nothing further for the Attorney General to do.”

This particular lawsuit has taken an unusual track. It was originally dismissed by Judge Boasberg in December of 2016, only to have that dismissal reversed by an appeals court. However, when Boasberg applied the standards set by the appeals court, he still found the case to be “moot” and agreed for this second dismissal.

The lawsuit also drew attention in March of this year, when the State Department argued again for dismissal of the case, even though the administration of the department had changed hands from former President Barack Obama to President Trump’s administration.

Say, remind me again which party runs the State Department these days? Oh, that’s right: Donald Trump won the election, and when he became president he appointed Rex Tillerson to be the next Secretary of State.

It is of course alarming to have a rogue judge playing fast and loose with legal standards to arrive at a predetermined conclusion that protects a criminal public official from accountability. But the far bigger concern here should be the fact that this even needed to go to court in the first place.

There is no need and no excuse for unelected bureaucrats in Trump-led Cabinet agencies to still be running interference for the Democrats. But just as we’ve seen too often elsewhere, much of the federal government continues to operate no differently than it did when Barack Obama was running the show.

Trump has already vindicated his election many times over and accomplished a lot of great things. But his biggest failure so far has been not starting his term with a comprehensive purging of leftists from within the federal government, with a close second being the nomination of ineffectual Cabinet heads who let them largely run wild.

If Trump doesn’t realize this soon and start cleaning out the deep state, the political revolution he started could go down as the shortest in history.