BREAKING: Massive Law Enforcement Operation Underway in D.C.

Well, this is certainly alarming.

The Daily Caller reports that some sort of joint “gang crackdown” operation between federal and local law enforcement is currently underway in the nation’s capital:

The FBI teamed with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) in undefined court-authorized law-enforcement activity in Prince William County, Virginia, Fox 5 News reported. Precise information is unavailable regarding the location and nature of the operation, but Virginia’s northern counties have a dense MS-13 gang presence, which could explain the ATF’s joint involvement with the FBI.

MS-13, as TFPP readers know, is a notoriously violent international gang which spans multiple nations, including Mexico and El Salvador, and is frequently intertwined with illegal immigrant crimes. According to a previous Daily Caller report:

The article later quotes Jay Lanham, a former executive director of the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force (NVRGTF), who said Gillespie’s 2,000 number is “probably pretty accurate” […]

WaPo cites numbers from the Fairfax County Police Department that say there are only 1,400 MS-13 members, but Lanham argued the NVRGTF’s numbers were more accurate, as “most of the estimates from the police department are going to be on the low side.”

According to WaPo, even Gillespie’s 2,000 number is “relatively small” given Fairfax has a population of more than 1 million. Compared with the number of police, however, even WaPo’s measure of 1,400 MS-13 members is massive.

If WaPo’s number is accurate, there are more MS-13 members in the county than there are police officers. The county employs 1062 patrol officers, and even including special units their numbers only reach 1,350, according to a 2015 annual report from Fairfax police.

This is an unfolding situation, and much of what’s going on remains unclear, though at first glance it appears to be the latest reminder that there’s a new sheriff in town who takes illegal immigrant violence far more seriously than his predecessor. TFPP will continue to follow the story and keep you informed as we learn more.