BREAKING: Multiple DEAD After Gunman Opens Fire Right Near School- Authorities To Address Nation About Suspect

Dean James at America’s Freedom Fighters reports that earlier today, a shooting occurred in a residential area in Sandy City, Utah — disturbingly close to an elementary school.

According to Fox 13, a street near Brookwood Elementary School was the site of a shooting that left an adult woman, a male child, and the gunman dead, and two minors injured. It happened around 3:45PM, causing the school to go on lockdown until 5:04. It was after normal school hours, so students not yet home took shelter in area homes and businesses.

“Preceding this event, what appears to have took place is a good Samaritan saw a female with two juveniles, stopped to help them, to transport them out of the area. During that time, the suspect actually rammed the good Samaritan’s vehicle, bringing it to a stop in the roadway,” said Sgt. Jason Nielsen, Sandy City Police Department. “[The] suspect exited his vehicle and [began] shooting.”

Dean James notes that police are still gathering information, but are expected to inform the public about what exactly happened and why once they’ve collected the facts. The identities and ages of the victims have not yet been released.

A frightening anecdote from AFF:

Resident Colby Corbett was in his backyard waiting for his 8-year-old son to walk home from school when he heard 20 to 30 gunshots within a few seconds.

“I was panicking bad,” Corbett said. “I thought it was like a gun battle.”

AFF writes that their hearts and prayers go out to the victims. We at TFPP join them, and will continue to monitor the tragedy as it unfolds.