The Democrat National Committee’s hacked email scandal is over a year old now, yet incredibly, it’s still managing to get even worse.

The Daily Caller reports that it has analyzed the DNC emails released by Wikileaks, and found that the majority of them were written after May 5, 2017 … after the DNC knew about the hack and enlisted the private cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike to address the problem:

The emails exposed dirty laundry that Democrats have said swayed the election in President Donald Trump’s favor, and they might never have seen the light of day had the DNC enlisted law enforcement to immediately lock down its system after first detecting problems.

Dacey and chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz decided not to call in the FBI and instead, about five days after the hack, enlisted the company CrowdStrike to perform investigation and remediation without consulting the DNC’s board, according to Brazile. CrowdStrike implanted itself May 5, within a day of being asked, according to The Washington Post. In the intervening days, 5,800 new emails were written and captured.

For weeks after the highly-paid firm responded, the breach continued unabated. More than 16,000 emails later published by Wikileaks were written after May 5.

CrowdStrike said known viruses were responsible for creating the vulnerability.

The fact that newly-written emails continued to be captured weeks after the DNC’s top staff was well aware it had been breached raises questions about why Wasserman Schultz and Dacey did not turn to the FBI, and whether the FBI could have immediately stemmed the flow.

CrowdStrike replaced the software on all DNC computers in what it believed would put the issue to rest June 10 — a month after the DNC detected the breach. Furthermore, there is reason to believe the breach had already ended, with the last Wikileaks email written May 25.

Just when we think we’ve seen the full extent of Democrat incompetence and negligence, they come up with a new way to sink our already subterranean respect for them. It’s almost impressive, really.

This was a major scandal that resulted in a series of black eyes for the Democrat Party, inflamed tensions between the Democrat establishment and the Left’s socialist wing that backed Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, and ended the tenure of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair.

According to the Daily Caller, nine of the ten leaked emails the Washington Post identified as “most damaging” to Dems are dated from after the leak became known. So it’s entirely possible that by simply bringing in actual law enforcement to solve the problem, the DNC could have spared themselves nearly all of the scandal’s fallout. And who knows what ramifications that could have had for Democrat turnout on Election Day?

Was DNC management really just that, well, stupid, or were they sitting on majorly damaging information they didn’t want to risk the feds learning about? These are Democrats we’re talking about, so either possibility is entirely possible.

Clinton later said that then-FBI Director James Comey not taking the DNC’s hack seriously enough “was the principal reason I lost the election.” But a timeline of Democrats’ own reactions suggests that it was they who did not react urgently.