Of the many, many Democrat scandals the media doesn’t want you to know about and/or hopes you’ll forget, the Debbie Wasserman Schults IT scandal is one of the most explosive. And it’s not dead — in fact, we just got word of some very interesting new details.

Forbes reports that we now know Imran Awan, the IT guy Schultz kept on the payroll despite being under investigation by Capitol Hill police for fraud, conveniently had his cell phone conveniently wiped clean mere hours prior to his July arrest. On a related note, Awan was also trying to hop a plane and flee the United States when the authorities nabbed him.

This latest nugget actually came to light during Awan’s trial:

Awan’s attorney, Chris Gowen, argued that Awan should have his curfew lifted and that the tracking device on his ankle should be removed.

This prompted Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Mirando to say that when Imran was arrested at Dulles International Airport a cellphone found on him “had been wiped clean just a few hours before.”

Gowen tried to counter this by telling the judge: “Awan had recently bought the phone, so of course it didn’t have any data on it.”

But Mirando countered by saying the FBI found that the phone had been wiped on purpose. A time stamp on the iPhone indicated it had been wiped at 6:30 p.m. that evening (Awan was arrested around 10 p.m.). Awan also had a laptop on him, but one of the few things on the computer was a resume. Mirando used this and other details—such as that the Awan’s quickly sold many of their Virginia properties—to explain that Imran had no intention of returning.

Well, that’s never a good sign for somebody’s innocence.

As TFPP has previously covered, Awan is accused of scamming the Democrat National Committee out of millions of dollars to enrich his family and friends, and sending large sums of money to recipients in Pakistan.

But that’s just the beginning of why this case stinks to high heaven. The Awan family first got on the radar of Capitol Police for a computer server that had been sending Congressional data somewhere offsite — and despite Awan being ordered to stay away from House servers during the investigation, Schultz continued to employ him to do exactly that.

Moreover, the Awan had a variety of shady fiscal dealings over the years, including leaving liabilities and spousal income off of financial disclosure forms, as well as a debt-riddled car dealership with “sham” books that received a hundred grand from Iraqi politician and fugitive from justice Ali Al-Attar, who has ties to Hezbollah.

Disturbingly, the Awan brothers’ stepmother Samina Gilani also alleges that Imran threatened to have her relatives in Pakistan kidnapped if she called the police over the brothers’ efforts to badger their dying father into turning over his financial assets to them.

This is a grave and bizarre case, and it’s probably safe to say we’re in for quite a few more colorful revelations before all is said and done. As always, share your thoughts and opinions below.