The Federal Bureau of Investigation is calling on the American people for help getting some long-overdue justice, and they’re willing to pay.

The FBI has put out a new release highlighting the cold case of 21-year-old Tammy Zywicki’s murder in 1992.

On August 24 of that year, her car was found abandoned on Interstate 80 near Utica, Illinois. Nine days later, her body was found along Interstate 44 in Missouri, brutally stabbed to death. One of authorities’ only leads was the reported sighting of a tractor/trailer seen near her vehicle around the time, allegedly driven by a tall, 40-year-old white male with “dark, bushy hair.”

Her murder remains unsolved to this day, but law enforcement has hope that advancements in DNA testing could help produce answers.

Here’s more from America’s Freedom Fighters:

“A lot of people are still passionate about this case,” said Special Agent Amanda Becker, who has been working on the investigation for the past two years from the FBI’s Chicago Division. “No one has forgotten Tammy—not her family, her high school and college friends, and certainly not law enforcement. I am very motivated to find her killer.”

“These cold case homicides are always difficult cases,” said Lt. Jeff Padilla, an Illinois State Police detective who has been working on the investigation for the past six years, “but this case has so much evidence that still exists, it should help us be able to bring justice to Tammy and her family” […]

“I’m hopeful this new technology will help us,” Padilla said. “I am convinced the DNA and the suspect are in the case file. It’s just a question of finding them.”

Some of Tammy’s personal property is known to be missing, including a Cannon 35mm camera, a musical wristwatch with an umbrella on the face, and a distinctive patch issued by Zywicki’s soccer team for only one year. The patch was missing from the shorts she was wearing.

If the killer kept the soccer patch, camera, or watch, Becker explained, a tip from someone who recognized the items could help lead to his capture. “There continues to be a $50,000 reward offered in this case,” she added. “Even after 25 years, a concerned citizen doing the right thing can help us solve this case.”

That’s a substantial reward for anyone who can provide information leading to a break in the case. You can find more information on the case or contact the FBI with potential tips here at the FBI’s website.

What a heart-wrenching story. Here’s hoping this latest initiative can help take a monster off the streets and find some measure of closure for a still-grieving family.

H/T: America’s Freedom Fighters