BREAKING NEWS From North Korea; Missiles Launched

There’s more saber-rattling from North Korea today, as word has just come out that the regime has fired several land-to-ship missiles off its coast.

Reuters reports that “South Korea’s Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement the projectiles were launched Thursday morning from the North Korean coastal city of Wonsan.”

Details are currently scarce on this latest development, but Newsmax has some background:

The test comes the same day as Vice Admiral James Syring, the head of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, told the U.S. House Armed Services Committee that North Korea’s technological advances in its ballistic missile program in the past six months had caused him “great concern.”

Syring told a hearing of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee that it was incumbent on his agency to assume that North Korea today could “range” the United States with an intercontinental ballistic missile carrying a nuclear warhead.

“I would not say we are comfortably ahead of the threat; I would say we are addressing the threat that we know today,” Syring said.

Zero Hedge predicts that we should “Expect futures to melt up on this latest development in a world whose news cycle no longer takes even one minute off.”

TFPP will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.