BREAKING: North Korea Faces New Missile Threat

For the past year, we’ve been regularly bringing you reports of North Korea threatening the world with more and more missile tests, but now we have word of a missile test that should make Kim Jong Un the one to sweat for a change.

The New York Post reports that South Korea has successfully tested a cruise missile with the capability to destroy critical North Korean missile sites in a matter of fifteen minutes — sites which Kim is known to personally visit regularly.

He was most recently spotted overseeing the preparations for the North’s latest and most powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3.

South Korea has been working diligently amid ramped up threats from the Hermit Kingdom in recent months.

After the test two weeks ago, Seoul announced it had reached an agreement with Washington to scrap the weight limits on South Korean ballistic missiles in an effort to make more warheads.

The new Taurus missile is a long-range, air-to-surface weapon that has a maximum range of 310 miles.

Officials say it is equipped with specialized stealth characteristics that allow it to fly under radar before hitting its target.

Will it come to that? After years of both parties handling North Korea to no avail, it seems increasingly doubtful that there will be no solution that doesn’t include at least the threat of force. As John Bolton explained recently:

“It’s a 25 million person prison camp,” he told Fox News.

“The sanctions simply give people a warm and fuzzy feeling that we’re doing something about North Korea. We are not,” he said.

“If this administration follows the same policies as Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations of carrots and sticks, and efforts to persuade North Korea, it will fail just like they did,” Bolton added.

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