BREAKING: Presidential Candidate Faces Criminal Charges


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein may face charges in relation to her actions Tuesday, which read more like a whiny teenager than a candidate for president.

The Bismarck Tribune reported that 150 to 200 protesters, including Stein, gathered on Tuesday at a Dakota Access Pipeline work site in North Dakota. That’s where Stein bizarrely vandalized work equipment on the site.

A Stein spokesman confirmed to the Associated Press that the candidate spray-painted the words “I approve this message” on a bulldozer because, well, the activists “invited” her to do so.

Stein may be looking at vandalism and trespassing charges according to the Bismarck Tribune, who also reported that Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier gave a press conference where he said that the sheriff’s department is “working up the information through the state’s attorney’s office to pursue charges (against Stein).”

According to Kirchmeier, “The incident is actually still ongoing as we speak.”

The Tribune reported:

“About 25 law enforcement officers responded to the protest site, where no Dakota Access Pipeline workers were working. Kirchmeier said officers saw some protesters on horses, masks and some carrying hatchets and wearing goggles.”

Officers reportedly “pulled back from the area because it was determined that, at that point, it was unsafe for them to go into the situation,” Kirchmeier said, adding that “at this point … I don’t believe that we need to go in there and have physical altercations with the protesters.”

While no charges had been made at the time of the Tribune article’s posting, at the protest on Saturday (it doesn’t appear that Stein was part of the Saturday protest, rather the Monday evening/Tuesday iteration) things got especially ugly. The Tribune reported:

“On Saturday, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department said three private security guards working for the Dakota Access Pipeline were reportedly injured after about 300 protesters entered the work site. One guard was transported to a Bismarck hospital, but refused treatment.”

As the Young Conservatives aptly noted, it’s almost laughable that Stein may face vandalism charges — albeit well-deserved ones, of course — for a ridiculous teenage-style protest, yet Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues to walk scot-free for much worse.

Perjury, sending and receiving classified information, leaving Americans to die in Benghazi, Libya, the pay-to-play scheme conducted while Clinton was secretary of state, etc.

Stein’s actions were childish and she should pay for them. Clinton’s actions were dangerous and deadly, and she should also pay for them.

H/T Young Conservatives, The Blaze

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