BREAKING: Sessions Makes HUGE Announcement at Surprise Presser


Minutes ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a press conference responding to the media freakout of the day, denying that he misled the Senate as to whether he met with representatives of the Russian government on behalf of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Sessions maintained that “the idea that I was part of a ‘continuing exchange of information” between the Trump campaign and Russia was “totally false,” which was the specific question put to him during his confirmation hearing, and which he answered truthfully. He further explained that the only meetings he’s ever had with Russian officials have been routine and insignificant, mostly in his capacity as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee (as have some of the very Democrats currently attacking Sessions today).

“I don’t recall any specific political discussions,” the AG said, while adding that ambassadors “are pretty gossipy.”

Sessions did, however, announce that because he was part of the Trump campaign, he will recuse himself from any role in a potential investigation of improper interaction between the campaign and Russia — a decision that, interestingly, sounds like it preceded the latest round of left-wing attacks.

The most interesting thing about the press conference, though, was the attorney general’s demeanor. Sessions was not only totally calm and collected, but cheerful, suggesting a man confident in the knowledge he’s done nothing wrong and not rattled by Democrat leaders’ hysterical demands that he resign.

That’s a good omen — this will surely be just the first of many storms the Left will throw his way, and it appears Jeff Sessions is up to the task of weathering them.