BREAKING: Supreme Court Transgender Bathroom Plaintiff Drops Case

What was slated to be the United States Supreme Court’s most contentious case in recent memory is over before it began, signaling a rare culture-war victory for conservatives, albeit on a technicality.

ABC 13 reports that Virginia transgender student Gavin Grimm, a biological female who “identifies” as a boy and therefore sued to get access to the school’s male restrooms, has dropped the case for a simple reason.

You see, Grimm graduated high school this year, and because the school’s bathroom policy no longer affects her, she no longer has legal standing to sue. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond ruled that Grimm “may” no longer have standing, but the suing legal team apparently decided pressing their luck wasn’t worth it, and filed papers today to drop their latest appeal.

Here’s more background from ABC 13:

Grimm was born a female but identified as male from his freshman year, and has since been taking hormone therapy. His case went to the U.S. Supreme Court for consideration, but was removed from the calendar March 6.

The justices said in an opinion without dissent that the case should return to a lower court in Virginia, after the Trump Administration changed the U.S. Department of Education’s policy on transgender bathrooms.

The Obama White House sent a letter to public school systems nation-wide, saying they could lose federal funding if students were not allowed to use the bathrooms corresponding to the gender with which they identify.

This is almost certainly the best outcome for the time being. A definitive ruling on the merits that the Constitution does not require girls to share bathrooms with boys would be ideal, of course, but the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court only restores the 3.5-originalist (John Roberts is the half) status quo we had before Antonin Scalia’s death, which wasn’t enough to kill Obamacare or prevent the redefinition of marriage.

It’s best for everyone that the issue be tabled until President Trump has the opportunity to appoint another justice who will uphold the Constitution, rather than indulge the latest insane way the Left has redefined equality.