BREAKING: Top Senate Rino Might Retire

This isn’t a done deal yet, but if this development pans out, it could be the first step toward a United States Senate that Americans don’t have to be completely ashamed of.

Conservative Review reports that tomorrow, Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine and the Senate’s most notorious liberal “Republican,” will announce whether she has decided to leave the Senate to run for governor, or stay put and continue to plague Congress with her obstructionism.

Collins, 64, has the lowest Liberty Score© of any elected Republican in Congress – voting with conservatives on key issues just 12 percent of the time.

She was one of a handful of Republican Senators who voted against a clean repeal of Obamacare last July, and the only Republican in the Senate to vote against a clean repeal of Obamacare in 2015, when it was just a symbolic gesture.

Heritage Action gives Collins a similarly abysmal score of 16% for the current legislative session, and a lifetime average that’s not much better at 21%. Collins supports abortion, same-sex marriage, gun control, and has been a vocal proponent of continuing to force taxpayers to finance the criminal child murders of Planned Parenthood.

As TFPP has previously covered, Collins also refused to vote for President Donald Trump in the 2016 general election, while failing to explain how the “Republican values” she invoked to justify her decision permitted allowing Hillary Clinton to become president instead.

After failing to bring about Democrat control of the federal government, Collins voted against the confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and one of Trump’s most conservative appointees, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt.

Of course, if Collins does leave the Senate America’s gain could be Maine’s loss, since a terrible senator isn’t good gubernatorial material. Of course, if she runs the people of Maine don’t have to vote for her, and if she wins she’ll be plaguing a state that chose her and should have known what they were getting, whereas in the Senate she’s helping to block the legislative agenda the majority of the country voted for in 2016.

If she does leave, who will take her place? Governor Paul LePage, the term-limited Republican she would be succeeding, would appoint an interim replacement.

It’s unknown who he would choose, but his interest group scores on guns and abortion are certainly better than Collins’, and a 2015 profile from Townhall’s Arthur Schaper described him as a “conservative kicking butt,” all of which seems to bode well. On the other hand, it’s concerning that in March LePage also attacked the House Freedom Caucus for rejecting Paul Ryan’s crappy first draft of an Obamacare replacement plan, back when there was plenty of time left on the legislative calendar to go back to the drawing board and assemble a more serious, more conservative bill.

Still, on balance it seems that whoever LePage found to appoint would almost have to be better than Collins by default, doesn’t it? Is it even possible to find a worse politician with an R after his or her name?

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