BRILLIANT Cartoon Explains How Liberals Think About ‘Greed’


Robert Gehl reports a Hispanic college student is appealing to white guilt to fund her Spring Break vacation.

Leandra Vargas, a student at Pitzer College in California, is a little low on cash, so she’s telling white people to pay for her spring break because they’re responsible for the “genocide and enslavement of our ppl.”

Her email to the student body is amazing.

white guilt email

“Calling on white allies especially 4 ur support,” she writes. “Remember that everything that u are/have rn is due to the genocide and enslavement of our ppl… yet all im asking 4 is a bit of cash to get us thru the week.”

She ends it with a “thxx” and a heart icon.

I’m not sure what “toxic environment” she’s referring to. Pitzer (and it’s parent, Claremont Colleges) is one of the biggest bastions of liberalism in the country. A four-year degree tops out at more than a quarter-million dollars in room and board.

Our friends at Chicks on the Right reported that this young lady, who calls herself “Leandra + The Dream” is about as literate in video as she is in the email.

To top off this disgusting, shameful email, she ends it by listing her “preferred gender pronoun,” which is “they/them.”

They’re an idiot.