British-Themed Restaurant Attacked By Portland Liberals For “Colonialism”

colonialism sign

Liberals in Portland are trying to shut down a new British-themed restaurant, claiming it “glorifies colonialism.”

The “Saffron Colonial” is an English-themed restaurant in the city, where you can get afternoon tea and English breakfasts. But local protesters – dozens of them – have decided that the name “colonial,” glorifies racism colonialism, KOIN is reporting.

The owner – Sally Krantz – said she came out of her kitchen last week and saw 30 protesters standing outside the front door, protesting.

“One woman was screaming at me about the Native American issue, somebody else was screaming at me about the fact that this whole area is gentrified and I shouldn’t even have taken the premises and that nobody should be living in this area,” she said.

A letter from one of the empty-headed protesters equates Krantz’s restaurant with the dark days of British rule of much of the world.

“While molasses cookies and sausage rolls may come to mind for you when you think of British colonialism, many of us associate it with forced religious conversion/cultural erasure, famine, and slavery,” the letter says. “You may argue that those days are long gone, but India has been independent for less than 70 years, which means there are still people alive today who have experienced the harms of British colonial rule.”

She also claims that the neighborhood is a victim of “gentrification,” or an attempt to turn the area white – something that, um … British colonialism is guilty of too.

“It’s a slap in the face to people who have experience the harms of racist economic development policies (a legacy of colonialism), wherein land and resources were taken from black and brown people in order to make some white folks rich,” the letter continues, The Libertarian Republic is reporting.

It concludes by offering a series of suggested changes for the restaurant, including:

-Eliminating all references to plantations, such as the “Tortolan Plantation Press.”

-Apologizing for the “pain” inflicted on “black/brown communities”

-Hosting a listening session on gentrification

-Requiring a chef who called protesters “crazy” to apologize and attend unconscious bias training, and firing him if he refuses

But the letter isn’t the only thing they’re doing. They’re marching about, putting up signs claiming the restaurant is “Closed due to glorifying colonialism,” and generally acting ridiculous.

The hatred and stupidity has spilled over onto the restaurant’s “Yelp” page, with one reviewer writing:

“If you would like your eggs served with a side of bigotry and complete ignorance, this is the place to go,” one review says. “This food is racism, British Colonial, WINSTON CHURCHILL inspired food. You mean the same Winston Churchill that caused the Indian famine under his rule? … Somehow, in some way, that history makes me hunger for eggs and brunch. Have some taste people. Boycott this place until it dies.”

Krantz isn’t backing down though, telling The Daily Beast that the whole idea that her business supports racism is idiotic:

She insisted that her use of the term is no different than the businesses in New England that use “colonial” in their names and said she was being singled out because she’s helping to gentrify the neighborhood.

“I’m not planning on changing my menu,” Krantz said. “Nobody is protesting Southern cuisine. Nobody is protesting Arab cuisine. I’m not sure where that stops.”

What does she say to charges that she’s a racist? “I’m one of the most liberal people you can meet,” said Krantz. “If I was racist I wouldn’t live in the neighborhood.”