Brown Threatens ‘Intrusive’ Climate Rules If Cap And Trade Fails

It doesn’t matter what you say. It doesn’t matter what you do.

Governor Jerry Brown’s oppressive taxation is coming after you.

It seems he will stop at nothing until all businesses leave California for the business-friendly, income-tax free state of Nevada.

According to recent reports, Governor Brown “threatened to cut greenhouse gas emissions through ‘massive’ new regulations,” because if “California legislators won’t extend the state’s cap-and-trade system for fighting global warming,” he will.

His heated comments, delivered to a state Senate committee hearing, served as an unsubtle nudge to Republicans and business-friendly Democrats who have reservations about cap and trade, which uses market mechanisms to slowly lower emissions.

The current system, which the governor often touts as a model for other states and countries, may lack legal authorization to continue past 2020 unless the Legislature extends it. A bill unveiled this week by Brown and legislative leaders would keep it running through 2030.

And with a vote on the bill scheduled for Monday, Brown told senators that the alternative to cap and trade could be worse.
If cap and trade dies, the state would switch to using direct “command and control” regulations, Brown said — an approach that could mean ordering specific cuts from specific industries on a set timetable.

There’s nothing better than a liberal tyrant bullying the state legislature to do as he pleases or else businesses be damned and regulations be raised!

Brown told California legislators they must vote for this proposed legislation as this is “the most important vote of your life… Unless you think I’m lying. And I was in seminary three years.”

Whoa. Seminary for three years, huh?

You may not be lying. You may actually believe that.

But you were in seminary for three years — not the London School of Economics.

In other news, massive waves of California’s population moves to Nevada, leaving only granola-eating yoga teachers behind.