Brutal Meme Reveals The Vile & Disgusting Hypocrisy Of The Left…


Via Regan Pifer:

What do you think of these scenarios?

8-year-old boy leads Cleveland Cavaliers coaching clinic on dunking.

6-year-old girl instructs Navy Seals on psychological duress.

5-year-old boy provides instruction on parallel parking.

Do these seem odd to you? They wouldn’t to Melina Abdullah.

Melina Abdullah is a professor at California State University-Los Angeles and leader of the Los Angeles Chapter of Black Lives Matter. Abdullah decided to take her “teachable moments” outside the classroom to a Police Commission meeting and lecture the Los Angeles Police Department.

She took her students to a Police Commission meeting? No. She took her children to a Police Commission meeting.

It gets worse.

She didn’t even lead the lecture. Her children lectured the Police Commission.

That’s right. You don’t need to scroll back up. You read that correctly.

According to The Daily Wire, Abdullah’s kids chastised the LAPD:

“Lots of people have died because of you,” Abdullah’s 10-year-old daughter told LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. “I think it’s horrible that you don’t care what you have done, and killed so many young children.”

“I don’t know who to call anymore when I need help,” Abdullah’s 13-year-old daughter told the LAPD commissioners. “We see incident upon incident of people who call the police for help and end up being shot to death.”

“You’re supposed to protect and serve,” said Abdullah’s 7-year-old son. “It’s more like you’re protecting and serving yourselves.”

There are still several questions left unanswered from this lecture (that occurred during her children’s spring break).

Yes, Dr. Abdullah, do you have a difficult time sleeping at night since you use your children to serve your political agenda?

Do you believe children should respect authority? If so, why would they question law enforcement? If not, why should they do what you tell them?

Final question, Dr. Abdullah: you are the granddaughter of the “world-renowned Marxist economist named Gunter Reimann, who joined Germany’s Communist Party around 1920”–is that why you advertise the Pan African Studies Department at Cal State-LA as “the intellectual arm of the revolution”?

Though question and answer time is over, if you do have any further questions, you can direct them to the nearest toddler.