BRUTAL Meme Reveals What Happens When Liberals Run Things

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Via Robert Gehl:
One Clinton at a time, please.

That’s how an ultra-liberal New York newspaper started their story about Chelsea Clinton’s political ambitions.

Whenever she speaks at rallies for her elderly mom, the real talk is: When will Chelsea run? And it’s crazy.

“A dynasty is on the way,” one donor who attended a swanky rally at a Midtown New York home last week. “You’re seeing the beginning of Chelsea Clinton preparing to run.”

The former “first daughter,” who is now 35, told Sky News last March she’d “absolutely” consider seeking office.

“She’s pretty adept. People at these rallies think she’s prime for a run,” the donor said.

Without any government experience to speak of, one would think Chelsea might start on the ground floor of politics. Maybe a school board or local volunteer committee.

The article – in the New York Daily News – gave some insight on how radical a Hillary administration would be.

Wednesday night’s Chelsea Clinton event is being co-hosted by tennis great Billie Jean King and billed as an “LGBT reception.” Gay rights were also very much on Chelsea’s mind at last week’s fund-raiser, where she assured donors that her mom would use executive action to push through legislation that would benefit the LGBT community.

“My mom would try to get through executive acts to at least make it illegal to have insurance companies reimburse for conversion therapy,” our insider heard her say.

According to our source, Chelsea also said at the last rally that “everything I care most about is at stake in the election,” adding that “the next President will probably appoint up to three justices on the next Supreme Court.”

How many Justices would a President Chelsea get to appoint? It’s insane.

Even the liberal media thinks this is crazy. But this is the Clintons. They aren’t going to wait or hold back. They have no shame or self-awareness. Sooner or later, Chelsea will be out there, using her name to push her leftist campaign.

Piggybacking on her mommy and daddy’s success. And because political dynasties that rely on family connections are common in countries like Cuba and North Korea, I’m sure she’s got great plans for the United States of America.