BUSTED: 60 Minutes Caught Manipulating Color in Bannon Interview

The mainstream media is positively obsessed with making the Right look as scary and repulsive as possible in whatever way they can, particularly whatever members are topping the Left’s enemies list at any given time. Steve Bannon of Trump Team and Breitbart fame is definitely near the top, and apparently no trick is too petty or unprofessional to consider.

A video has surfaced on YouTube in which photographer Peter Duke alleges that for the final version of Bannon’s “60 Minutes” interview that was released this weekend, CBS manipulated the color grading of the video to make Bannon look…well, like a drunkard, with pronounced red rings around his eyes and unusually-red lips. You can watch Duke’s case right here:

At the American Thinker, Monica Showalter summarizes Duke’s analysis:

He began with the color and saturation, noting the differences in the drape colors behind Rose and behind Bannon. The drapes behind Bannon were orangey. The drapes behind Rose – and these were the same curtains – were more of a golden yellow.

Next, he looked at the blue in Rose’s white shirt, which was 13 points behind neutral into blue territory. He applied the same bluing degrees to Bannon, and “voilà,” he said: the bleary-eyed red rims around Bannon’s eyes went away.

He applied the same orange effect seen in the Bannon shots to Rose, and suddenly, Rose looked like a circus clown with all his television makeup.

Here are a couple of screenshots of what’s described above, for good measure:

Now, it’s true that Steve Bannon is a guy with a somewhat, shall we say, unkempt presentation, which you may be familiar with The Onion having exaggerated into Bannon being a disgustingly reptilian/rat-like creature. However, the last time we checked, “60 Minutes” was supposed to be a program about real news, not parody.

In response, CBS has of course strenuously denied Duke’s allegations. Mediaite’s Caleb Ecarma’s post on the story quotes CBS News executive director for communications Kevin Tedesco as calling the claim “nonsense.”

Naturally, Ecarma doesn’t dispute Duke’s argument or comparison images, but dismisses it with repeated sneers that the video is nothing more than a “conspiracy theory,” and insinuates that Duke’s real motivation is nothing more than partisan bias or professional obligation, because his past photography clients have included former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, conservative journalist James O’Keefe, and Trump-friendly Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

All this supposedly demonstrates that Duke’s “half-baked claim against CBS may have other motivations aside from the truth.” Now, I don’t know the first thing about color correction, but as a lay reader and viewer, I’ll simply note that Peter Duke put more work into building his case than Caleb Ecarma put into his.

Let’s also recall that this sort of thing isn’t unprecedented from the mainstream media — remember this?

My feet are the size of the Atlantic Ocean, and my head is the size of a tiny little ant. I don’t think the problem is the photographer or that it’s the same photographer taking the picture. I’m sure the photographer took a lot of good pictures, too.

Stay class, liberal media. Maybe if you try really hard, you can get your approval ratings even lower.