BUSTED: Look Who Got Caught Talking to Russians Before The Election

If there is anything to learn from the 2016 presidential election, one should not throw stones if you live in a glass house.

It’s painful, awkward, and, potentially, dangerous.

But some Democrats have not learned that lesson.

Their favorite pastime is to highlight the meetings and communication of the Trump campaign with Russia.

Their insurance policy, their back-up plan, their final eyebrow-raise question to their Republican rival…

But what happens when you find out the Clinton campaign has potentially done the exact same thing?

According to Townhall, there is reason to believe the Clinton campaign also met with Russia before the election:

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria sat down with Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, who said that no election talk was discussed throughout the 2016 election with either campaign. He noted, as have others, that the meetings Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak had with aides of Donald Trump isn’t scandalous, and that Kislyak was doing his job.

“This is his job. He was talking about bilateral relations. He was talking about what is going on the in the United States, so we have a better understanding In Moscow,” said Peskov. Even our own ambassador to Russia conducts meetings like this because, as Peskov noted, the more an ambassador talks to the people in his country of residence—the better job he does.

Concerning similar-style meetings between members of the Clinton campaign and Kislyak, Peskov said, “If you look at some people connected with Hillary Clinton during her campaign, you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind.”

Sooooo… does that mean the Clinton campaign mirrored the actions of the Trump campaign?

Should we assume her campaign met with Russians as well?

Her campaign manager neither confirmed nor denied this.

Of course, if this has anything to do with Hillary, we certainly won’t find out for a very long time.

Or, until there is another document dump from Wikileaks…