BUSTED: Snopes Fact Checker is an Anti-Trump BLM Supporting Leftist


Facebook has decided to crack down on so-called “fake news,” and while they claim they will only be going after the hoaxes spread on the site, their choice of partners to “fact-check” makes it seem as though they are really looking to go after conservative new media — which has been the Left’s real target during and following the presidential election.

Breitbart reported:

Facebook’s new fact-checking partner Snopes is almost solely staffed by left-wing employees, some of whom have compared Trump supporters to “ethno-nationalists,” claimed that racism against white people is not possible, and praised national bans on “ultra-thin models.”

Snopes fact-checker Arturo R. Garcia, who also writes for Raw Story and works as the Editor-at-Large of “Racialicious”– “A blog about the intersection of race and culture” — labels himself a “progressive” in his Twitter bio and frequently engages in left-wing commentary while also determining what’s true or false at the “neutral” Snopes.

Quoting a tweet from an account which read “Ethno-populist Trump TV, coming soon to racists near you,” Garcia added, “I guess they finally got their White Entertainment Television”.

Garcia’s other tweets call into question Facebook’s fact-checking initiative in a big way:

As Breitbart pointed out, Garcia’s timeline is almost exclusively bogged down by “left-wing, racial, anti-Trump, or social justice-related” content.

Garcia recently penned an article over at Raw Story titled “The next time your right-wing uncle tries to ruin the holidays with ‘proof’ of creationism, show him these videos,” the Daily Caller reported.

Other work from Garcia has included praise for Black Lives Matter along with attacks against those who call out the movement, according to Breitbart. Then there are the articles where Garcia goes after prominent conservative pundits and politicians such as Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, and Tomi Lahren.

Take a look at some of the articles written by Garcia, someone who could have influence over what is considered fake news on Facebook, courtesy of Breitbart: “GOP congressman tries to burn Kaepernick with NYC bombing tweet — but it backfires spectacularly“, “Trump revives creepy gun rhetoric against Clinton: Disarm her bodyguards — ‘let’s see what happens to her’“, “Internet mocks the Donald after disastrous Flint visit: ‘How about handing Trump a glass of Flint water?’“, “Stephen King compares Trump to Cthulhu — and now Cthulhu is pissed“, and “WATCH: Trump fan caught on video punching and slapping protesters — and getting away with it

Even though Garcia is clearly an unabashed Leftist, that didn’t stop him from being tasked with both fact-checking Donald Trump and Mike Pence and covering the election.

As Breitbart pointed out, Garcia could be a big part of deciding what is and isn’t fake news at Facebook, yet he has attacked Breitbart on numerous occasions and even incorrectly attributed a quote to the news agency — on his own Twitter bio.


Facebook has decided to go on a crusade against fake news, and yet they have partnered with those that are extremely biased at best and fake news purveyors at worst.

This could possibly be turned into an assault on the conservative new media for exposing the Left and cutting into the mainstream media’s stranglehold on the information landscape, and we must remain ever vigilant so that the truth may always be told.