BuzzFeed Goes FULL-BORE Racist With Latest “List”


When Buzzfeed goes for clicks, they don’t mess around.

The site that made its money with “listicles” and cute cat photos has turned toward the insanely racist with a list titled “19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero Fu**s.”

That headline tells the reader they’re in for a wild ride of school presentations, what it doesn’t tell you is that every one contains racist, hate-filled statements about white people.

These are apparently school presentations, and they ranged from the relatively banal “White Privilege Does Exist” presentation page:

To the wildly racist: “White People are a Plague to the Planet.”


One student had a slide titled “American Imperialism in the Middle East: How White People Fu**ed up My Homeland:”


Another one (who seems very proud of herself) had an entire presentation titled “Y’All White People Are Dangerous: The Horror Story.”


There’s the requisite: “White People are Crazy” slide:


And the “How White People Plagued Society” presentation.

One student probably summed it up best with her slide:


No doubt.