If Calexit Ever Happened, This Would Happen Next [Meme]


The effort for California to secede from the United States is known as Calexit.

Those behind the idea had withdrawn their previous attempt, but are apparently gearing back up after California’s Attorney General “issued an official ballot measure title and summary.”

According to the Sacramento Bee, the organization will need to gather 585,000 signatures in order to make it into an official ballot measure:

The initiative would form a commission to recommend avenues for California to pursue its independence and delete part of the state constitution that says it is an inseparable part of the U.S. The measure would also instruct the governor and California congressional delegation to negotiate more autonomy for the state.

You can watch a video they had created below:

Given the lunacy that often comes out of California, would anyone really miss them if they actually WERE to secede? We don’t think too many would really be that sad about this.

And of course, the Twitterverse had to comment: