California Collapsing Under the Weight of Leftist Policies

As California continues to caterwaul about Calexit and fighting President Donald Trump, their state is literally collapsing under the weight of insane leftist policies.

Thomas Del Beccaro wrote an op-ed in Forbes that laid out the sorry state California has put itself in after years of infrastructure neglect, with those funds being diverted to illegals, global warming, and other such social-justice absurdity.

Del Beccaro wrote:

It is said that California has over $77 billion in deferred road, highway and bridge maintenance.  It showed this week with a sink hole in LA because of the rain they didn’t predict.  There is also the collapse of part of one of its main highways in the North, Highway 50, from the rain they didn’t predict – not to mention the Oroville dam, the break in a Central Valley levee and over-flowing dams causing flooding in places like the southern part of Silicon Valley.

Of course, there is the whole issue of the lack of water infrastructure in California.  There is not enough of it to store and supply the water needed for its industry and residents.  Indeed, the system was designed for half those living in California today. Keep in mind that, three years ago, even the EPA said California needs $44.5 billion to fix the infrastructure that it has.

But don’t worry, California’s Gov. Jerry Brown is pushing for an extremely expensive high-speed rail system that few want unless they’re set to make money off of it.

Del Beccaro asked where the state of California goes from here, and outlined what the Democrat answer has been so far: “According to Brown and the Democrats, the answer is: fight for future immigrants, refugees, sanctuary cities, social issues and global warming. Social justice for all – in other words – served on high speed rail.”

The push for a so-called “Calexit” has gotten a lot of attention in the media lately, but it seems that no matter how much many in the country may welcome such a move, California might want to clean up their mess first instead of whining about how they’re going to leave because they didn’t get their way — especially when getting their way over the years has led to the leftist mess their state is in today.