California Court Issues Major Ruling On Antifa…

A Berkeley middle-school teacher turned militant Antifa activist has finally received the smackdown she deserves.

Yvette Felarca, who is a member of the militant group “By Any Means Necessary,” has been in the headlines for several months now.

During a 2016 protest, the 47-year-old teacher encountered a man who she believed was a “neo-Nazi.” The man – while clearly an obstinate ass,  is just standing there while Felarca pummels, shoves and pushes the man. All he really does is raise his hands and ask for help.

At the time, she told the court that the charges – felony assault and misdemeanor “inciting a riot” should be dropped because “punching Nazis is not a crime.”

When she’s not physically attacking people she disagrees with, her and her group are busy filing frivolous lawsuits and restraining orders against conservatives, claiming they are threatening her personally – which they aren’t.

The courts have dismissed restraining orders she filed against conservatives, finding that not only are they frivolous, but that Felarca lies in court about the facts of the case.

Now, finally, some real justice.

A California court has ordered Felarca to pay $11,000 in damages to one of her victims, Berkeley College Republicans President Troy Worden.

Felarca filed a restraining order against Worden, claiming he is a danger to her. But Worden and his attorneys countered that her actions against him are merely an attempt to stifle his First Amendment rights, CampusReform reports.

“Felarca and her fellow travelers in BAMN [By Any Means Necessary]/Antifa need to learn that the California courts are not their personal plaything to use and abuse at will by filing baseless and vexatious lawsuits,” one of his lawyers Mark Meuser, said, with Worden noting that the restraining order prevented him from exercising his free-speech rights on campus.

Siding with the Republican, Commissioner Thomas Rasch of the Superior Court of Alameda County has ordered Felarca to pay Worden $11,100 in attorney fees, according to a Thursday press release, which says Rasch determined that the order “had not been filed in good faith.”

“By ruling that she did not demonstrate good faith in filing the restraining order, the court recognized the frivolous nature of Felarca’s actions,” lawyer Mark Meuser remarked. “The award of attorney fees should send a strong signal that she cannot abuse the court system to silence speech.”

This is the second time that Felarca and her lawyers have been ordered to pay the legal fees for filing frivolous lawsuits. Maybe they’ll learn their lesson and stop using the legal system as a tool to shut down their political opponents First Amendment rights.

“This marks the second time in two months that Felarca and her lawyers have been ordered by an area court to pay the attorney fees of their opponents for filing legally and factually unsupported claims in court,” Dhillon commented. “True victims of harassment/stalking/assault need the courts to be available to them as a priority, not clogged with fabricated claims pursued in bad faith.”

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