California Democrats Officially Go Insane

Democrats in California are so far to the left that this time, some of their own are dissenting from the herd. Of course, the sane weren’t numerous enough to save them from themselves.

The Daily Caller reports that this week, the California state Senate voted to advance a new single-payer healthcare system. As TFPP has previously reported, the plan’s estimated price tag amounts to a whopping $400 billion — twice the state’s entire annual budget.

Now, we all know Democrats govern like money is no object, but this was a bridge too far for three Dems, Senators Ben Hueso, Steve Glazer, and Richard Pan. The three said they could not support the bill without a plan to pay for it.

Glazer said the legislature needs to wait to “finish the policy work” and eventually submit the plan for the voters’ approval in 2018. Hueso’s objection was more pointed, sounding almost — almost — like a conservative:

“We are not debating single payer today because we are not debating a funding source.” Democratic Sen. Ben Hueso told the Sacramento Bee. “We are not debating delivery of service. We are not debating where the health savings will come from. None of that is in the bill. This is the Senate kicking the can down the road to the Assembly and asking the Assembly to fill in all the rest of the blanks.”

Kind of like how your colleagues at the national level handle budget deficits, Senator?

Alas, these fleeting flashes of sanity were lost on their colleagues, who passed the scheme 23-14. Next stop, the Assembly — which, at 55 Democrats and 25 Republicans, is all but certain to rubber-stamp the thing with nothing but wishes and self-righteousness to fund it.

Of course, there’s always one good old Democrat standby when you need cash quick — tax hikes!

The bill’s sponsor, the California Nurses Association, commissioned a study which projected the universal health care system would cost California tax payers an additional $106 billion, which the study suggests could be covered through a sales tax hike and an additional tax on corporate revenue.

Sure, that’s fine…California only has the tenth highest overall tax burden in the country. What could go wrong?

Ruining millions of people’s healthcare, stifling more freedom, taking more power for the government, and plucking even more money out of people’s pockets, all so people without health insurance can be “covered” on paper that doesn’t translate into quality care. Never mind how many times it’s failed at home and abroad.

It’s yet another example of why friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.