California Federal Court Issues Ruling On Standing For National Anthem

With a ruling that will surely thrill the defenders of Colin Kaepernick, a federal judge has ruled that a high school football player can’t be made to stand for the national anthem.

The ruling by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California addressed the grievances of a player for San Pasqual Valley High whose protest of the Star-Spangled banner led to the school district implementing a new rule banning kneeling during the anthem.

The issue ended up in court where it was found that the unnamed student’s First Amendment rights had been violated.

Via The Hill “Federal court rules HS football player can’t be forced to stand during anthem”:

A federal court has ruled that a high school football player in California can’t be forced by his school district to stand during the national anthem before football games, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

The student, identified as a Native American football player and referred to in court documents as “V.A.,” was emulating NFL players who protest police brutality and racism during the national anthem before games, the news outlet reported.

The San Pasqual Valley Unified School District passed rules banning protests during the anthem after students at a majority-white neighboring school yelled racial slurs at San Pasqual Valley High School students when the player knelt during the anthem before a game, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We are pleased with this outcome,” Katie Traverso, V.A.’s attorney, said in a news release. “Students like our client who conscientiously carry their values and ideals with them, cannot be silenced or directed on what to say or not say by their school in this manner.”

She added that V.A. will now seek a permanent injunction banning the rule. The court’s decision comes two months after two Texas high school students were kicked off a private football team for similar protests during the national anthem.

The NFL kneelers and their apologists will claim vindication and howl that their inspirational leader Kaepernick was a victim who was blackballed and deprived of his own First Amendment rights.

What is NEVER addressed by the jackleg scoundrels in the media about the entire Kaepernick/NFL protest circus is that it is not a matter of free speech at all but rather about workplace conduct.

To all of the yahoos who have argued that his free speech rights were being repressed I would challenge each and every one of them to engage in a similar form of protest on company time in their own places of unemployment and see what happens.

They would be very quickly escorted off the premises with their belongings in a box.

This is, however, like casting pearls before swine since a good chunk of the rabble don’t have jobs. But to the rest – go head and see what happens.

As for the school district: Hey, the ruling was in California, a state where courts are stacked to the rafters with activist liberal judges.

What else would you expect?

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