California Landlords Banned From Reporting Illegal Tenants

California’s state senate passed a bill which bans landlords from reporting illegal immigrant tenants to federal authorities.

The Immigrant Tenant Protection Act, which was passed on Thursday, was introduced by San Francisco Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu.

Under the guise of prohibiting housing discrimination for immigrants, the bill treats immigrants who went through the legal process of entering the country equal to those who shirked the process.

Thus, landlords are “discriminating” if they find out that a renter’s application was submitted by an illegal immigrant.

Additionally, landlords are not permitted to contact immigration authorities if they discover that a renter is undocumented.

“This bill would expand that provision to make it a cause for suspension, disbarment, or other discipline” the bill states, “for a member of the State Bar to report suspected immigration status or threaten to report suspected immigration status of a witness or party to a civil or administrative action or his or her family member, as defined, to a federal, state, or local agency because the witness or party exercises or has exercised a right related to the hiring of residential real property.”

In the age of “sanctuary cities” that refuse to allow ICE to enforce federal immigration laws, The Immigrant Tenant Protection Act is seen by liberals as a force against bigotry, protecting innocent criminals from big bad property owners who don’t want to rent to illegal immigrants.

The Daily Caller reports:

As with most immigration-focused bills coming out of the California statehouse, the bill’s sponsor says it is necessary to shield illegal immigrants against the Trump administration’s tough immigration enforcement. (RELATED: California Budget Proposal Includes Millions For Illegal Immigrant Legal Defense)

“Tenants should not have to live in fear simply because they are immigrants or refugees. Trump’s escalating war on immigrants is ripping apart families and mass deportations could be our new reality,” Chiu said in a statement. “This bill will deter the small minority of landlords who unscrupulously take advantage of the real or perceived immigration status of their tenants to engage in abusive acts.”

California state law already prevents landlords from asking tenants about their immigration situation, but rental property owners often collect sensitive information on prospective renters that could indicate if a person in living in the U.S. without authorization. Chiu’s bill, also known as AB 291, would prevent landlords from sending such information to immigration authorities. It would also add immigration status to the list of many characteristics that cannot be used to discriminate against potential renters.

It’s already illegal in California to investigate immigration law breakers for their crime. The California state senate, however, didn’t think that was good enough.

No, tenants shouldn’t have to “live in fear” of prejudiced landlords who don’t like them because they came to America from another country.

However, immigration laws matter. There are legal processes for immigrating, and then there’s sneaking across the border or breaking the law by shirking expired visas and moving to a “sanctuary city.”

“Trump’s escalating war on immigrants” is how Leftists describe enforcing the law in a country with legislation that does not accept open borders.

Property owners are justified in agreeing with the law of the land, and the fact that the state of California is putting them into such a predicament shows how far off the deep end they have gone.

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