California University Makes The U.S. Flag “Optional”

The University of California-Davis student senate passed a bill that now makes the display of the United States flag at meetings “optional,” because…snowflakes.

The bill. Michael Gofman, a student senator who disagreed with the bill, told The Sacramento Bee that Senate Bill 76 was passed on Thursday.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

The bill amends bylaws that required the United States flag to be on display at every senate meeting of the Associated Students, University of California, Davis. The revised bylaws give senate members the option to petition for the display of the flag 24 hours before each meeting. The ASUCD senate pro tem ultimately has authority to decide whether the U.S. flag will be displayed, according to the revision.

The reasoning. According to the resolution, the flag display is now optional because “the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual.”

And that is a prime example of how our tax dollars are being wasted on sub-par education and leftist indoctrination in our institutions of “higher learning.”

The bill’s introduction. Jose Antonio Meneses introduced the bill and claimed it’s not political, but rather a move to put their bylaws in line with federal law.

SacBee noted, “Jose Antonio Meneses, who introduced the resolution, said the changes were meant to ensure the student government is following federal law, which he says doesn’t allow an organization to mandate displaying the flag.”

“It wasn’t political in any way,” Meneses said. “But because it is the United States flag … it’s a touchy subject to talk about. We want to make sure we are not sued.”

Meneses noted that the bill does not ban the flag, and he went on to cite “a 1943 U.S. Supreme Court decision that found West Virginia could not compel students to salute the flag or recite the Pledge of Allegiance,” SacBee reported.

“The opinion in that case is that you can’t force people to pledge your allegiance, by (the flag) being there; by extension, you are pledging your allegiance to a symbol that you don’t relate to or that you don’t equate yourself with,” Meneses said Monday.

Gofman disagreed. According to Gofman, who said he is a first-generation American, the flag should be displayed at all governing body meetings in the country.

“It was a purely political issue from the start,” Gofman said.

“I have a much closer connection to places outside of America,” he said. “I understand what the alternative looks like. I don’t think members of the senate know what it is like to live in a totalitarian country.”

Why is this important? It shows the disdain leftists have for this country, and it is another example of why more and more Americans call into question why our taxpayer dollars fund these leftist indoctrination factories.