California’s ‘Racial Sensitivity’ Bosses Just Did Most Racially Insensitive Thing Possible

As if California couldn’t get any worse…

The NAACP is upset (shocking) and demands an apology from California’s Judicial Council, “the policy-making body for California courts.”

The mission of the Judicial Council is to “advance ‘the consistent, impartial, independent, and accessible administration of justice”.

So why would the NAACP be upset? Because the Judicial Council’s Halloween party was “offensive” and “racist”.

What, you ask, did they do?

Did they dress up as members of the Ku Klux Klan? Confederate soldiers?

Nope. They dressed up as the cast of a very popular television show on Netflix: Orange is the New Black.

That’s right, some people dressed up as prisoners and some of those prisoners painted their faces black because, well, the character they were portraying was, indeed, black.

According to ABC News 7, Michael Roosevelt, the man hired to “develop bias education programs for court employees and judges… was shocked by photos of a Halloween party at the Judicial Council’s Sacramento office last year”:

Roosevelt told Dan Noyes in an interview, “Here you’ve got the image of people who work for and support the courts who are dressed in prison garb, darkening their faces, depicting a prison setting where disproportionately those people who are incarcerated are people of color.”

The pictures posted on the council’s intranet show employees who turned their cubicles into prison cells, a guard standing watch, someone wearing dread locks and a Hannibal Lechter mask in a padded cell, others painting their faces. Roosevelt says it all sends a dangerous message: “Bad people, black people, dark people, people with locks, they are to be feared.”

Dan Noyes added, “Feared and ridiculed.”

Roosevelt agreed, “Feared and ridiculed.”

Oh my word. Where do I even begin…

First and foremost, this is a television show, folks. The employees of the Judicial Council attempted to dress up like cast members in the television show.

If, for example, the Judicial Council decided to dress up as the cast of Breaking Bad–a primarily white cast depicting drug dealers and meth addicts–would that too be incredibly offensive? Would the same ABC News Coverage be used to shame and expose them?

And, let me just say–these are liberals dressing up and allegedly engaging in racist behavior.

CAN YOU IMAGINE if Republicans and/or Trump supporters dressed like this? Liberals would label that a hate crime so quickly it would make your head spin. There would be protest marches. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be there.

And the employees’ faces certainly wouldn’t be blurred out of the images.

But thank goodness we have the racial sensitivity department to point the finger; because Heaven knows we don’t have enough of those people.

What exactly do they do besides point and tattle? Is there education program a long litany of what is and isn’t racist? (And, when in doubt, it probably is…)

When Californians are experiencing oppressive tax rates, you would think they would revolt against the ridiculous and flippant ways their money is being spent.

Bias education programs. Sheesh.