Can Someone Explain Why Liberals Just Don’t Get This?

Reporter Shows an AR-15 Shooting a Watermelon; One BIG Problem

Mainstream journalists are notoriously bad at covering gun stories, routinely flubbing even the most basic and easily-checkable details about how firearms like the AR-15 and their various variations, attachments, and modifications work.

But I don’t think we’ve ever seen a blunder this spectacularly, hilariously, inexcusably moronic.

The folks at Bearing Arms have highlighted the following video clip, from a local news report by Ohio’s NBC 4. It purports to showcase the destructive power of the AR-15, the rifle used by both the Texas church murderer and the hero who prevented him from killing anyone else, with a video clip of the gun being fired at a watermelon.

Check it out right here:

That’s quite an explosion, and I’m sure it left an impression on more than a few viewers … that is, the ones who missed an obvious problem with the narrative.

Watch the clip again. Focus your eyes on the gun rather than the target. Sure enough, the “AR-15” is not an AR-15 at all … it’s a shotgun.

At Bearing Arms, Tom Knighton says a few words about just how inexcusable this “mistake” is:

Even Hollywood tends to get some aspects of the shotgun right, especially the pump-action needing to be…you know…pumped. That’s precisely what happens in this video. The weapon is pumped, then fired.

And the mainstream media wonders why the term “fake news” gets so much play. This. This is why.

There’s no way this is an honest mistake by an otherwise intelligent individual. I can’t even chalk this one up to laziness. I just don’t see how this is a case of simply not checking up on some facts and getting something wrong. This is either a case of weapons-grade stupid, or it’s a case of the media believing that you have a case of weapons-grade stupid and won’t notice the difference.

Exactly. Even among Americans who aren’t gun enthusiasts and can’t distinguish an AR-15 from other rifles on sight, years of TV shows, action movies, and video games have more than adequately made the difference between a rifle and a shotgun common knowledge.

For good measure, Bearing Arms provides an actual video of an AR-15 being used to shoot a watermelon. Here it is:

The impact is still impressive, but it’s nothing compared the shotgun absolutely destroying the watermelon, and would have made at least a somewhat different impression with NBC 4’s audience … which raises the question of whether someone at the station did know better, but decided the real AR-15 just wasn’t quite scary enough for their propaganda purposes?

Finally, Knighton explains why neither video says anything truly meaningful about the threat either weapon poses to human beings:

Flesh of any kind reacts very differently to being shot than fruit does.

Because of that difference, shooting a slab of meat, even with a shotgun, won’t seemingly vaporize the target. It won’t do much of anything as far as the camera can tell at first glance, truth be told, and that’s the problem.

Shooters like pumping rounds into watermelons because of their fragile nature. They react violently when shot, thus looking really cool and making everyone shooting feel really tingly all over.

But hey, when have liberals ever allowed facts to get in the way of scaring voters, especially when the topic is firearms?