Careless Delivery Truck Gets Instant Karma

We all have a little road rage from time to time.

Some of it is warranted, and some of it is simply fueled by a bad day.

But if you were this guy, trying to be a good Samaritan, and a truck driver dumped gravel on your car…

Video description via Live Leak:

Guy comes flying down a 2 way street launching gravel all over the cars waiting in line.
I made a quick U turn, thinking maybe the guy wasn’t a douche and he simply wasn’t aware.
So after letting the guy know, I’m still behind him, figuring out how to get back to where I was headed, and the idiot mashes on the gas pedal dropping a huge pile of rocks in the middle of the street…. lucky for me, there was a cop right in the corner that nails his ass.

Moral of the story – if someone is kind enough to tell you that you just nailed like 10 cars with your shitty rocks.. kindly pull over and figure out what the problem is and don’t be an ass.

You’d be pretty satisfied with the end of this story — and yes, it’s better than honking a horn, flipping a bird, or screaming a four letter word to yourself in the car.