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More Than Half of Virginians Want Free Speech Censored on College Campuses – by Brittany Soares

A new poll from Virginia reveals a shocking view of free speech on college campuses; nearly half think that protecting students from being offended is more important than protecting free speech on campus.

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Office of Public Policy Outreach conducted the poll in mid-July — about a month before the events in Charlottesville and at the University of Virginia.

The findings were released last week, and they are harrowing…

From The Daily Caller:

“A very narrow majority” of the 806 adult Virginia residents polled said they think colleges and universities should emphasize “protecting everyone on campus from discrimination, even if it means there are negative consequences for voicing one’s opinions.”

Just 40 percent of the poll participants said colleges and universities should emphasize “allowing everyone on campus to have unlimited freedom of expression, even if it means some groups of people may face discrimination.”

Five percent of the survey respondents said they want colleges and universities to protect people from discriminatory language while somehow simultaneously allowing unlimited free speech.

Another five percent had no opinion or refused to answer the question.

About 40 percent of self-described Republicans said protecting people from hearing about discrimination is more important than free speech.

Close to 60 percent of self-described Democrats said they favored limited speech about discrimination.

The director of Virginia Commonwealth’s Office of Public Policy Outreach, Robyn McDougle, summed up the findings.

“On one hand, universities have long traditions of robust debate and free speech, but increasingly administrators are called on to ensure zones of safety from ongoing discrimination for students and other members of campus communities,” McDougle said in a press release about the poll.

“These results show Virginians are divided over which to emphasize, with a very narrow majority believing that protection from discrimination should receive a higher emphasis than unlimited expression,” McDougle also said.

Virginia Secretary of Education Dietra Trent, a Democrat, flatly said that taxpayer-funded colleges and universities must “provide a safe space” for adult students.

“Robust debate is the hallmark of an effective educational system, but we must be mindful of any situation that threatens physical safety on our campuses,” Trent said in the press release. “Virginia’s schools can, must, and do provide a safe space for both vulnerable students and dissenting ideas.”

Clearly, the youth at this school have been so heavily indoctrinated that it’s fried their brains.

Free speech is what makes us the country we are and not some socialist hellhole. Take away free speech and you get countries like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran.

Sometimes freedom of speech becomes an illusion — nothing more than words written on a signed document — like what has happened in Venezuela.

Freedom of speech ends when we allow it to end. If you’re offended by what someone else has to say, get a better argument or just shut your mouth and let them think what they will. But protecting freedom of expression for everyone is crucial to our nation.

Life’s not fair — you’re going to get your feelings hurt sometimes and you have the choice to either defend yourself or toughen up and not let the words get to you. But people need to be allowed to express themselves freely.

College is supposed to prepare these kids for the real world, and *news flash* — the real world ain’t a safe space.